more weekend goodness

We checked out the first bout of the season for the Northern Brisbane Rollers, Roller Derby! I'm not sure they anticipated such a huge crowd because according to a few fellow roller derby spectators, there were thousands turned away at the door because there was no more room. We sat in the suicide section and were fortunate enough to not end up with a derby gal on our laps. We sat down on the hard concrete floor which after a while got rather uncomfortable but we had beer in our belly's and the Derby was very entertaining, so it was worth it.

The teams were "Diner Might Dolls" vs "Love Rockettes". The stand out Derby Gal was "Dead Meat" who was the Captain of the Diner Might Dolls. I would love to try out Roller Derby but my lack of skating skills and the fear of breaking myself is stopping me. I think I might try to learn to skate one day though.

Another weekend adventure we had was checking out the Rugby League. We went into the city for a bit of shopping and food and noticed that there was an abundance of people sporting a Broncos jersey and worked out that there was a game on that afternoon. Roy made a few calls and then we were on our way to the game. Both of us were Rugby League virgins and we felt a little out of our 'league' but after a few try's by Brisbane, we got into it. Brisbane Broncos vs Cronulla Sharks. 44-16 to the Broncos.

Then we decided to go for a walk in the city afterwards. As much as I want a change from our surroundings.. I'm still going to miss Brisbane! But we'll definitely be back!

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