I've been quite slack with my blogging huh? Well this one's not going to be that interesting because I'm just trying out blogging with my new mobile (Nokia E63). So far, so good! --


rockin' hair!

if you want hair like the king! you might want to check this out!


more moustache action

check out this robot moustache.
Robot's and moustaches makes for a winning combination!!

tiffa likes moustaches...

I've wondered lately whether I would regret getting this tattooed on my finger. It would be pretty awesome getting it done but possibly not so awesome when I'm a wrechedly old woman. Moustaches are my favourite at the moment.


whatever floats your.. car?

found this awesome car on this blog. check this link out for the history of the Amphicar. they actually produced the car! it wasn't a backyard mod. doing Venice in style!


something worth sharing

if you're wondering what autotuning is check this out.
you might remember it being in Cher & Kanye West music.
check this one out also! and check out the third one - link is in comments (thanks toby)


people that share my birthday

Scary Spice, Myf Warhurst, Melissa Etheridge, Noel Gallagher, La Toya Jackson, Danny Elfman, John F Kennedy, Bob Hope & a bunch more here.


Mucho Moustachio!

These things are the coolest! found on notcot design blog

tiffa thinks these are pretty cool

from a post on Sneaker Freaker.
Converse teamed up with Woolrich.

things i've found along the way that are cool or amusing


corn in a cup


$1 Vodka (quite nasty!)

snake & lizard 'wrestling' in a bottle of baijiu

apple fanta

didn't give him wings!


some wallpapers i created - you're welcome to steal them

webcam fun

just a bit of a....

i am kind of getting sick of seeing Che's image everywhere.

1st concept for photography exhibition

photography exhibition

flyer for a college exhibition

50th Invite

an invite for my Mum's 50th

tiffa propaganda

stupid people

an ID card i made inspired by the Shepard Fairey poster for the Obama campaign


an invite i did for my sister-in-law's 21st


I've held onto this cigar box since I was about 15 with the intentions of doing something with it. Any ideas on what to do?

a man can dream

graffiti business card

of mice & man


this is how i feel sometimes


batman and M&M dog

love still happens when you are old


noodle face