choosing the right thing to spend my pocket money on....

I have a really bad habit whilst on my break at work. I get bored... Not that I don't have anyone interesting to talk to, but bored of my eating options. I usually pack myself some kind of lunch, whether it be just a portion of it like my snacks or just a sandwich but I usually want more. I like to not spend my hard earned money on things like chocolates or soft drinks but I can't fight the urge to spend my change on some tasty morsel.

Today I felt like a beverage. I did my usual 'stare at the vending machine for 5 minutes, shaking my change in my hand' and decided to purchase a bottle of orange juice. I mashed a 2 and a 1 dollar coin into the money slot and punch in my selection and the machine did the rest. I removed my bottle and my 'change' and looked at what the machine gave me. The juice price tag said $2.20 and the machine gave me 30 cents! Now I'm pretty bad at maths but I know enough to know that the machine ripped me off 50 cents! and to top it off.. the 20 cent coin it gave me was DISGUSTING! It was covered in sticky green stuff, so I quickly discarded the coin because I was pissed off at the machine for giving me that bad excuse for change.

I sat back down at my table and ranted my experience to my friends and opened my bottle of juice realising that I had packed myself an orange for lunch... So I spent $2.90 on a bottle of orange juice when I had my own orange in my lunch box! I think I must have been sitting on my brain that day, or something was trying to teach me a lesson.

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