I've gotta say...

...this has got to be one of my favourite things to eat. It's going to be something that I'm going to miss quite a bit when we leave Australia for 2 years but I will do my best to try and find something close to it in Europe. I'm sure there will be plenty of other things to attach myself to though!

I'm talking about non-other than the scrumptiously, comforting Yatala Pie.

It's nowhere near as good without the mushy peas and tomato sauce (although I have never dared to try it without). Oh and the choccie milk makes it even better. And before you ask... "but Tiff, aren't you vegetarian?" - I had a vegetable pie! mmmm... it's making my saliva glands go crazy just thinking about it.

The trip to Yatala Pies was part of my wanting to fit all the fun things in before we leave. Although, Roy wasn't here for this Yatala Pie experience so I will have to definitely make a trip for him again before we leave... but I'm only thinking of him.. ;-)

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